Powerful and Informative Documentary Film Production Companies

Documentary Film Production Companies

Documentaries are a powerful way to raise awareness about social issues, share personal experiences, and entertain. They can also spark a dialogue and change minds. To get the most out of your documentary, you need a compelling narrative and interesting characters.

A good place to start is by doing a free screening for friends and family. This will give you a sense of how your audience responds.

Midway Pictures

For all the talk of it being an epic war film, Midway proves to be an oddly polite movie. Its director, Roland Emmerich, can crack the whip on computer pixels like nobody else, but in sacrificing a reckoning on the human toll of war for cardboard characterization and showoff fx, he’s left an empty space where the soul of the film should be.

The story centers on a hunky squadron commander (Ed Skrein), who loses a friend at Pearl Harbor and is eager to take the fight to Japan, even though his family awaits him back home. Woody Harrelson, Mandy Moore and Darren Criss round out the cast of familiar faces.

In a post- Saving Private Ryan, post-Dunkirk landscape, it’s astonishing that anyone is still making movies like this. But Midway isn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. This choppy bore is saved by its cast and the director’s competence at helming extravagant aerial views of pyrotechnic destruction.

Skylight Pictures

The company is committed to producing artistic, challenging and socially relevant independent media to strengthen human rights and the quest for justice. Its notable works include When the Mountains Tremble, which won a special jury award at the Sundance Film Festival in 1984.

Pamela Yates, founder of Skylight Pictures, has been a filmmaker for 30 years. She has produced a number of critically acclaimed documentaries and is the creator of SolidariLabs, a series of creative labs designed to engage activists in addressing global challenges.

Yates is currently working on “State of Fear”, a documentary that tells the epic story of Peru’s 20-year war on terror, based on the findings of the country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. She will also direct the upcoming feature film 500 Years, the third installment in the Resistance Saga trilogy. Skylight Pictures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The company is committed to equal employment opportunities for all qualified employees. This includes the application process, hiring, promotion, transfer, layoff, firing, compensation and training.

Allison Argo Productions

Allison Argo Productions is an award-winning documentary film production company that specializes in films about endangered animals and the people who care for them. The company has produced over two dozen films that have been broadcast worldwide and received multiple awards. They are committed to producing films that inspire compassion and understanding of all animals. Whether they are searching for chimpanzees in the mountains of Tanzania or combing the rainforest for frogs, Allison and her team make sure that their audience sees the story from an animal’s perspective.

After an acting career that included starring roles on Broadway and television movies, Allison Argo founded her own production company to focus on documentaries that promote human kindness towards animals. Her first film, narrated by Glenn Close, was The Urban Gorilla, which called attention to the excruciating lives of captive gorillas. This film led to many other documentaries, including Chimpanzees: An Unnatural History, Frogs: The Thin Green Line, and Extraordinary Dogs.

The Documentary Project

Whether the subject matter is skateboarding, Korean War, tofu, or something else entirely, making a documentary requires extensive research. This research is necessary for obtaining the raw visual materials that make up the documentary as well as the information that will provide context for your subject. It is also important for bridging your documentary’s storyline and helping you organize and plan your footage.

Once you have a good understanding of the historical context and content of your subject matter, it is time to find the interview subjects or talking heads for your documentary. This will require further research including conventional library and online research, artifact finding, interviews, observations, original photography and film clips, and re-creating situations and environments.

Box office analysts have noted that documentaries are becoming increasingly popular as a genre. This is due in part to the increased availability of lightweight digital video cameras that enable people of all backgrounds to capture their own experiences and share them with others.

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